Our bags go through several stages of production: the prototypes are entirely handmade by our craftsmen in our studios in France. They are studied in detail to guarantee the solidity and functionality of the future products.

LEON FLAM uses genuine leathers from Alsace or Italy. The skins are processed through vegetal tanning, which is different from the most current one, the chrome tanning. The leather is only treated with tannin, a natural substance that can be found in oak bark, which ensures both flexibility and resistance of the leather. It is as much respectful of the material as it is of the environment. The leather keeps its natural colour and firmness, resists to humidity and softens as time goes, acquiring a subtle patina over time.

Our craftsmen combine time-tried methods and modern technics to create tireless leather goods. They only use the finest parts of the skins and assemble them to pieces of heavy canvas from Normandy. Each bag is numbered with a numerical reference allocated by a very specific process.



First, dust the leather parts of your bag with a brush.

- Use occasionally with our moisturising cream on the leather parts of your bag. It hydrates the leather and keeps it flexible and soft.

- The LEON FLAM cleaning product was developed for our bags; it provides a deep treatment to the leather and gives back his original radiance.

- Wrap a soft cotton rag around your index and middle fingers; put a reasonable quantity of cream on the leather with circular movements. The cream must penetrate progressively in the leather.

- If you don’t use your bag very often, stuff it so that it won’t lose its structure and shape..

Natural moisturizer for LEON FLAM leather